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Optimize your procurement from “a” to “z” using just one platform

Whether it's a local five-man business or a medium-sized company with international operations: At Wucato, we are familiar with your challenges and needs. We offer you two different ways of optimizing your procurement: Use our B2B marketplace free of charge for a fast and flexible way of meeting your requirements or embark on holistic process optimization with our experts. Together, we will develop a solution that is tailored to suit your needs so as to optimize your procurement department with our digital procurement platform.

Your benefits

Reduce process costs

Digital processes reduce the time and expense involved in indirect purchasing

Benefit from advice

Optimize processes and improve the fulfillment of demands with the support of digital procurement experts

Intuitive procurement

Enjoy hassle-free and fast procurement thanks to our exceptionally user-friendly platform

Design your own assortment

Decide for yourself which selection of products is available for your company

Individualize processes

Easily customize our platform to meet your specific needs

System integration

Seamlessly integrate your own enterprise resource planning system into our platform

Protect data securely

Process all data securely and in accordance with the GDPR on servers in Germany




The right solution for your needs:

The Wucato use models

Every company has a different use case for a digital procurement platform.
We have designed our use models to reflect your different objectives – find the right model for you below!

Your objective:

Fulfil your demands quickly in one central location?

Our solution:

Wucato Basic

Your objective:

Optimize procurement processes and save indirect costs?

Our solution:

Wucato Professional




A comparison of the use models

Wucato Basic
Wucato Professional
Individual offer
Ordering functions
Roles & rights
Individual services
Administration, accounting & tracking
Electronic connection
Wucato Professional
Individual offer
> 20 million items from > 100 suppliers Cross-catalog search & filter
Guided buying & assortment restriction White- & blacklists, highlighting of preferred items and suppliers
Integration of existing suppliers
Integration of framework agreements/price lists + highlighting of individual prices
Ordering functions
Order templates & favorites + global order templates (for the entire customer account)
AI-supported product recommendations + overview of frequently purchased products
Subscription function Automatic regular orders to meet recurring requirements
Own customer material numbers
Roles & rightsSelf-ServiceWucato takes care of the setup process for you
Unlimited users
Definition of right groups Admins, buyers, hazardous materials officers,... or even individualized groups
Budgets & order value limits
Approval processes
Single-stage (double-check principle)
Individual services
Customer service
By e-mail and telephone
Personal contact
Purchasing cockpit/analysis dashboard
EDI/OCI order interface
ERP system integration EDI/OCI/punchout
Scanner connection + barcode catalogs for products and account assignments
Vending machines Can be individually stocked with items from different suppliers + are networked with Wucato to enable automated inventory checks and reordering.
Personal contact, setup and advice Individual project management and holistic process optimization
Administration, accounting & tracking
Order information including account assignments, cost units, cost centers, delivery addresses, order number ranges
Order and invoice overview
Consolidated invoices/white label invoices + invoice per cost center, per supplier and dispatch to central invoice receipt unit
Only for orders placed with indirect suppliers
Individually coordinated
Billing, invoice and account settings Hierarchy-based at group level or at customer account level
partly included in the package/can be used as self-service
included in the package/will be set up for you

Wucato Basic: Use Wucato as a B2B marketplace

Do you want to just order a new drill, replenish your screw supplies and buy some coffee? The Wucato procurement platform gives you a fast, convenient and cost-effective way to do so: Find exactly the products your business needs in our large assortment of more than 20 million items – 24/7 and with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Compare prices, availabilities and suppliers at a glance to find the best offering to meet your requirements. Wucato gives you access to all order information, order documents and invoice details in one place.

And it gets even better: If you order products sold directly by Wucato, you will receive a consolidated invoice. Just look for the Wucato symbol when selecting products.

You can also adapt a large number of functions to suit your individual needs, control your supplier management processes centrally if need be, and ensure that individual departments can only order materials after being granted approval.

Digitalize your operational procurement now with one of Germany's leading B2B procurement platforms!

No need to keep going back and forth. Make procurement a fast and easy process and get the goods delivered - with Wucato Basic

Your benefits with Wucato Basic

Free to use without any need to subscribe
Option of receiving a consolidated invoice
More transparent procurement process
A central and holistic way of fulfilling your demands
Ready to go with just a few clicks of the mouse





Transparency and cost savings from A-Z. We work together to optimize your procure-to-pay process - with Wucato Professional

Wucato Professional: Use Wucato for process optimization

Do you finally want to get a clear picture of your actual demands and make the procurement process as a whole more efficient and transparent? Then Wucato Professional is exactly what you are looking for.

The Wucato experts analyze your entire procure-to-pay process and work with you to find a holistic solution to optimize your indirect procurement processes. Our services range from requirements analysis, system integration and implementation to controlling.

Together, we define a workflow that is individually tailored to suit your company, creates transparency and ensures lean processes. This makes it easy for your employees to comply with procurement requirements and saves time and costs.

Your benefits with Wucato Professional

Personal consultancy
Comprehensive process optimization
Customized workflows
Seamless system connection
Sustainable efficiency gains
Transparent procurement analysis





What our customers say about Wucato

OBO Bettermann used Wucato's functions to create transparent processes and achieve straightforward, fast and automated C parts procurement thanks to personal support.

OBO Bettermann

"What makes Wucato special is the personal and individual support provided. Wucato is helping us in our process of transformation aimed at achieving simplified, accelerated and automated C parts procurement. The multi-stage approval workflow and the clear distribution of rights and roles make our processes transparent. We particularly value the pioneering spirit, the importance attached to writing a success story together and the commitment."

Lea Legler


Adient Aerospace Seating GmbH uses Wucato to save valuable time by being able to process all requirements that arise quickly, in a decentralized process and in a controlled manner via the procurement platform.

Adient Aerospace

"Wucato allows us to trigger orders as part of a decentralized process, but still in a controlled manner, using fixed budgets, meaning that we can process day-to-day requirements quickly, easily and with the flexibility we need. This saves us valuable time with a positive impact on productivity in our core processes."

Carina Schäfer


Sika Deutschland GmbH is using Wucato to structure its procurement process for C parts efficiently and now has time for the things that are really important.

Sika Deutschland GmbH

"Wucato is our reliable partner at our side, and has helped us maximize the organizational efficiency of our procurement process for C parts. Now we have time for what is really important.

Milena Reinke

Procurement Manager - indirect goods

WEVO Chemie GmbH is using Wucato to successfully digitalize and automate its procurement process for C parts and operating materials.


"Wucato has simplified, accelerated, and automated our C parts procurement. Together, we succeeded in digitizing this area of our operations.

Damir Mehmedovic

Head of Procurement and Logistics






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